Leader Playbook

Strong leaders are more important today than ever before.

You can become a more effective leader and get more out of your people and have them be happier, by making time for them and having the all important conversations that connect us all.

This Playbook provides tools to help you plan for these conversations, cultivating trust and building performance, motivation and engagement.

Personal Effectiveness

 Making Time for Work and You

Today’s workplace is often overwhelming. Plan to be more effective with your time and progress towards what is most important to you in both your personal and professional life.

 Communicating and Listening

Connect through conversations, focusing on listening and achieving shared understanding.

 Understanding and Developing Yourself

Develop an honest understanding of your own style, strengths and development needs and the impact that you have on others.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Align your problem and solving and decision making to purpose and goals. Take a structured approach and think things through to get the right outcome.

 Taking Charge of Change

Change is now a constant. The key to taking charge of change lies in your attitude and preparedness to actively take charge of your reactions.

 Self-care and Well-being

Practice self-care in a way that works for you. Consider strategies to improve your wellbeing at home and work.

 Stepping Up – Preparing to Lead

Prepare to take on the role of leading others for the first time.

One-on-One Relationships

 Performance Planning and Conversations

Bring out the best in your people by holding them to account and having honest, clear and fair performance conversations.

 Difficult Conversations

People often tend to avoid these conversations. Prepare to deliver unwelcome or unexpected messages.

 Engaging and Enabling Others

Build connection with conversations that include delegating, providing feedback and recognition – enabling people to contribute their best.

 Coaching and Developing Others

Support the development of your team members and unlock their potential to maximise their own performance.

 Collaborating and Influencing

Build the key skills of getting things done by working with others.

 Supporting Health and Well-being

Recognise when team members are feeling challenged, identifying early warning signs of stress and encouraging health and well-being in your team members.

One-to-Many Relationships

 Leading Teams

Work together to create shared goals and values.

 Leading Change

We are now living a new reality. As change leaders you need to support your people and help them build their capacity to navigate this new normal.

 Leading Inclusively

Value that which makes your people unique, respecting differences and embracing inclusion.

 Leading Strategically

Lead beyond the day-to-day and problem solve and plan for what could be.